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Physical Therapist

Lower Back Pain
Neck Stiffness
Muscular Strains
Shoulder and Mid Back Pain
Hip or Pelvic Pain
Knee strains
Feet or Ankle Pain


Hormone imbalances

Irregular menstrual cycle


Polycystic Ovaries

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Blocked fallopian tube

Stress related problems

Reflexology Therapy

Stress related conditions
Digestive disorders
Poor lymphatic circulation
Hormonal Imbalances 


Low immunity
Respiratory Disorders

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Acute & chronic pain

Lower back pain
Neck stiffness
Ankle strains
Reduced mobility
Issues exercising

Post partum core issues

Scar work

fertility reflexology

Hormonal imbalances 
Irregular menstrual cycle  
Polycystic Ovaries

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Blocked fallopian tube
Stress & Anxiety

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Live your best life!!
access bars

Improves health physically, mentally & emotionally.
Helps with depression
Eases stress and anxiety.
Improves mental clarity & focus.
Revitalises and energises.
Provides deep relaxation

Integrated energy therapy

Uses angelic energy to work directly with your body's cellular memory and energy field to get the “issues out of your tissues” without having to "relive" the traumatic event or pain

Pregnancy reflexology

Morning sickness
Insomnia & low energy   
Constipation & Indigestion
Oedema/Water Retention
Sciatica, SPD & Back Ache
Urinary Tract Infections
Sinusitis, Head Colds & Headaches
Stress & Anxiety

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My main goal in my work is to help people with pain, discomfort or limited movement that may be holding them back from enjoying life fully, whether the root cause is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

I've always been interested in health and exercise and studied and worked as a personal trainer and fitness class instructor before I completed my physical therapy training. I suffered with muscular pain for almost 9 years and was unable to exercise. No one could shed any light on the cause of my pain until I met a therapist who had trained in Neurokinetic Therapy. After one session there was a huge improvement in my pain and after my second session I started back exercising. I know first hand how pain can limit your life and can really have a negative affect not just physically but mentally too. I went on to train in the Neurokinetic Therapy which is the assessment tool I use in my physical therapy treatments.
I was introduced to Reflexology when I was pregnant with my first child and the treatments really helped me with my physical issues and discomfort during pregnancy. I felt it also helped me tune in to my body and my baby, gave me more confidence during my pregnancy and really helped ease my anxiety around the birth.
I have found over the years that in some cases pain and discomfort have a deeper root, emotional, mental or spiritual and eventually manifest as physical issues. These physical issues will not clear long term without addressing the root cause. Access bars and IET cleared up the root causes of some of my own physical pain as well as improving my life, my focus and mental clarity.  I found the results so powerful in my life I had to go on and study them so I could help people in the same way.


I accept nearly all major insurance plans. 

If you have health insurance with any of the below providers you may be able to claim against your treatments. It is advised you check with your health insurance company fist.

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